America’s Un-‘merricin Coke Superbowl 2014 Commercial

America’s Un-‘merricin Coke Superbowl 2014 Commercial

Picture this: a beautiful, American song being sung by people in various languages, as background to the visuals of people of diverse ethnicities enjoying life while having a Coke. Does it fill your heart with utter disgust? How dare something as unpatriotic as that rubbish be shown on national television, right?

Today in America during the 2014 Superbowl, an advertisement for Coca-Cola screened that features the above scene. With pretty much any well-spirited, friendly, positive commercial, alongside it comes a huge backlash of ‘citizens’ who claim that the message goes against everything their country stands for, and this Superbowl ad is no exception.

Via Facebook posts on the Coca-Cola page, in YouTube comments on the video itself and in posts on pretty much every ‘social’ network there is, people are using their freedom of speech to voice their unsubstantiable, misinformed and usually unintelligent views about the ad and their country, stating things like:

Racists Grazing In Their Natural Habitat... Facebook.

Racists Grazing In Their Natural Habitat… Facebook.

And there are many more irrational comments mixed in with the positive and intelligent ones on both the Coca-Cola page and the page for the YouTube video shown above, though I’m sure a lot of the negative comments have been deleted by moderators, so keep that in mind if you do read through them.

The fact that the advertisement was made by a corporation trying to sell a product does little to discredit its view – it’s still a clearly positive message: the most important and enriching part of a nation is its acceptance and tolerance of others as well as the diversity of its people. Hiding behind freedom of speech and claiming that people who embrace diversity are un-American leaves us with two possibilities: One, your country is outdated and below-par with where the evolution of social standards is taking us, or two, you’re a stupid, bigoted fool, who has no standing as a representative of your country.

I’m not sure if it’s worth me going into the reasoning behind my dislike of their point of view. I think even those bigoted people understand deep down exactly what’s wrong with what they’re posting and their point of view. They come from a country that’s known for its diversity and different cultures, so how can they say that a multicultural society has no place being multicultural or promoting its multiculturalism? It’s this same point of view that leads to racist attacks, hate speech, and more and more people being put down for who they naturally are.

Obviously, not every American shares the views of the few who choose to be annoyingly outspoken about their outdated faux-patriotic opinions in these situations, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a problem here.

I guess it’s not all bad, I can see the positives of situations like this. At least I have some reassurance that Australia isn’t the only country with a substantially large amount of citizens who believe they are the most patriotic, when really their blind intolerances make them some of the least patriotic.

Does Australia’s current immigration/refugee situation come to mind?

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