The Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix

I figured I’d post my first Movies & Television post about one of my Top 3 favourite movies of all time, The Matrix. And with that I figured I’d at least mention the other two, not so amazing, sequels. I’m sure very few of the people that read this will have not seen the movies, but whether or not you have hopefully won’t matter; I’ll try keep it short and sweet and try go through some of the main aspects of the trilogy.

The Original Matrix Movie

In 1999, a year where the world of technology was focused on the ‘inevitable’ Y2K Bug Apocalypse, The Matrix hit cinemas and both shocked and confused the world with its farfetched ideology about the true nature of the world around us and breathtaking special effects (which these days might seem a bit dated, but the movies are still realistic enough today to enjoy without worrying too much about it). It explored the idea that reality and simulation are interchangeable, and asked that if our lives were just simulations in a giant computer network, would we know about it?

The Matrix Sequels

The two Matrix sequels delved further into the worlds of the Matrix and the ‘Real World’, offering more explanation of topics only mentioned briefly in the original movie.

Bigger budgets helped to offer richer visual adventures than the original, but the problem with these two movies wasn’t with the visual aspects. The sequels brought on a wave of controversy and dissatisfaction in a lot original Matrix fans. If you ask me, the movies themselves were all great in their own way, and I’m not sure what could have been done to make them better, but they were still a bit too different to the original to gain widespread acceptance with the public.

Overall Feelings

Not only is The Matrix a fast-paced, stylish sci-fi fantasy flick, but at its roots it’s really a love story between two of the main characters, a war flick between humans and technology, and basically a simple question… “Is this life real?”

I’ve shown it to guys and girls of all ages, and I’m yet to find someone who straight out says “I just don’t like it.” Sure, there are a number of things to dislike about the trilogy as a whole, and for some people it might be a bit worrying and a bit of a wake up call, but overall its an amazing series that really blends reality with fantasy and creates an adventure tale with stylish graphics and breathtaking scenes that is really not to be missed!

Check out the trailer below, then go watch, rent or buy the DVD yourself!

Original Matrix Trailer

Matrix Reloaded Trailer

Matrix Revolutions Trailer

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